True love’s kiss and sexual healing

Close up in black and white of a man and woman about to kiss.

True love. Pure love. The stuff of fairy tales. True love’s kiss changes everything — awakens the sleeping beauty — even awakens the whole kingdom. So sweet and magical. But what if the metaphor of a magical kiss is actually a thing like a current or a vibration that connects…

Musings on the Oera Linda Book

I spent Boxing Day laying on the grass in my back yard listening to a reading of the Oera Linda Book. In 1867 Cornelius Over Linden brought to light a manuscript he inherited from his grandfather. The book is in 6 sections and 53 chapters. …

What are you made of?

The word integrity has the word grit inside and grit is needed to hold fast and true to the dictates of our integrity.

Adhering to an established set of ethics and sound moral principles at all times.
- Ethics dictionary

I’m not perfect and neither are you, we are gloriously…

You get knocked down, but you get up again

Close up of a handsome man bare chested, wearing boxing gloves.

You can’t get through this matrix without tripping over those invisible tripwires. You need special goggles to see them in the dark. You need a crystal ball to navigate the future and somehow make the best, foolproof decisions ahead of disaster. Fate, life, and all manner of unforeseen circumstances, the…

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